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Employment Counsellors


Free Consultation with an Employment Counsellor by appointment only

Employment Counsellors will sit down with you for a one hour appointment. They will write you a professionally written resume, cover letter and(more+).

Employment Counsellors are able to advise you on employment, career or schooling concerns.

Employment Counsellors will help you develop the valuable skills needed to prepare you for Interviews and Employment

Client Support -
Skill Development

Free Consultation with Client Support by appointment only

Book a one-hour appointment with Client Support to help you in your online application needs.   

Extensive help with applying for jobs online through a number of job search websites or help with completing online applications

Assistance filling out forms such as Capital Region Housing, Citizenship etc.….

Online Alberta Food Safety Basics AHS

Alberta Food Safety for

Meat Processors AHS

Child Care Health and Safety Course AHS

Self Guided Online Course

Certificate Valid for 3 years

1-3 hours to complete

Course does not provide Alberta Certification

in Food Sanitation and Hygiene

Provides information to help meat processors prepare a final product that is safe for their customers to eat. The course is focused towards Alberta-based meat processors but all meat processors are welcome to complete it.

Certificate Course

Designed by Environmental Public Health to assist you and your staff in providing a safe and healthy environment for the     children under your care.

Institutions Regulation

Food Safety

Infection Control

Health and Safety Concerns

Interview Skills

Farmers' Market Home Study Course AHS

CSTS 2020

One-on-One with a counsellor. Learn the skills for a successful interview.

Book an  appointment

This course is to help market managers and vendors set up and operate an Alberta approved farmers’  market in a sanitary manner.

Construction Safety Training System (CSTS-09) is a self-paced online course designed for those who are new to the industry or have not had formal safety training.  The CSTS-09 program is broken down into modules and upon successful completion, a certificate will be issued. Certification is valid across Canada and does not expire.

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